Michael Laumen

Chief Engineer Power Electronics and Electrical Drives


+49 241 80 99577



To reduce the CO2 emissions of long-haul freight traffic, the transition from conventional combustion engines to electrical drives is inevitable. Overhead lines for trucks are an effective option to accelerate the electrification of freight transportation on highways. In 2018, Dr. Ivan Mareev from ISEA demonstrated in his dissertation that catenary-powered trucks can underbid the primary energy consumption of diesel trucks by a factor of 2.5 on average, while achieving approximately equal life-cycle costs with potential cost reductions in the future.

Based on the results of the predecessor project ConverT, further developments will be initiated in the new project HiLinE. The main focus is the further development of the transformer. For this, new geometries for copper windings and new core geometries are being researched. In addition, the project partner Brusa will develop a prototype together with the ISEA that is close to series production, which can already be used on a truck and meets the corresponding requirements and standards regarding safety for onboard tests.

Alongside with ISEA, Brusa, WZL of the RWTH Aachen University, Siemens and Scania are involved in the project HiLinE.

  200 kW on-board charger, active frontends (left) and transformers (right)


1st January, 2022 – 1st December, 2023