Accurate Modeling of IGBT-Based Converters in PLECS


Anne von Hoegen, Philipp Tillmann, Tetsuya Kojima, Rik W. De Doncker, 24th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, 05-09 September 2022.



Control of modern electrical drive systems commonly requires a precise flux-linkage estimation. An accurate model of the commutation cell with non-ideal switches is a first step to improve the estimation of the flux. This paper analyzes und evaluates different modeling approaches for non-ideal IGBT-based converters and recommends their implementation with PLECS. In addition to modeling the dead time of the controller, compensation methods for further major contributors to volt-second errors of the switching cell are presented: turn-on and turn-off delay of the semiconductor devices, their on-stage voltage drops and the non-linear behavior during commutation time. Furthermore, this work presents how to parameterize the model using datasheet values of an IGBT-based power module.


Link: IEEE