Global Energy Crisis: Geopolitical Developments and the Impact on the Energy Industry

Thursday, November 24, 2022, 5:00 p.m, Campus-Boulevard 89, 52074 Aachen


Germany and Europe are facing considerable geopolitical and energy-economic challenges.
The issue of security of supply, both for the private and the industrial sector, is more topical than ever. Recent events have taught us: a secure energy supply cannot be taken for granted. In the current situation, there are no easy answers. Nevertheless, the short- and long-term energy issues are pressing. In the short term, we can only face the current situation with a healthy dose of pragmatism. But what does that mean?
It means, on the one hand, diversifying sources of supply and, on the other, building the necessary infrastructure. At the same time, climate protection targets must not be lost sight of. In the medium and long term, therefore, the expansion of renewable energies in particular must be accelerated.
In addition to the argument of climate protection through the possibility of generating hydrogen, renewables now also have the arguments of security of supply and energy independence on their side.
The energy turnaround is a social, political, industrial and ultimately also a collective goal that we must achieve together.

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