Design Tool for Rapid 3D Modelling of SiC Power Modules and Simulation of Parasitic Inductances with Experimental Verification


Christoph Luedecke, Jonas Winkelhake, Michael Laumen, Rik W. De Doncker, PCIM Europe 2022 (Nürnberg), 10-12 May 2022.



With fast switching wide-bandgap semiconductors, power module design becomes increasingly important. Parasitic inductances influence the switching transient and thus the performance of the entire power electronic system. In this work, a tool is presented which enables creating a 3D model with a single photo of a power module within shortest time. The 3D model is used in ANSYS to conduct various simulations and estimate the performance of the power module. The simulation results of the parasitic inductances are compared with experimental measurements using a vector network analyzer. To demonstrate the potential of the presented tool, double pulse tests are simulated and the resulting frequency spectrum is compared with measurements. This enables the prediction of certain module parameters, for example, the resonant frequencies. In addition, simulation results are presented that help placing MOSFETs in the power module with respect to their component tolerances in order to counteract geometric asymmetries that lead to uneven loss distribution of parallel-connected MOSFETs.