Art at CARL


This week, the first "Art and Building" objects were installed on the CARL research building. Last year, the Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW (BLB NRW) announced a competition for the artistic design of the new building. An independent jury of representatives from the university, the architects, BLB NRW and art experts from NRW chose the work "Processes" by artist Jan Hoeft as the winner in the competition. The multi-part work is based on a modular system. Individual image carriers are modeled on highway signs in shape and color, some of which show photographic images of arms, hands and faces.

The artist understands the practice of research as a path with an open end and manifold possibilities. Errant paths, turnoffs, regressions, or detours become visible in Hoeft's arrow symbols. The human aspect of research is reflected through the photographic interventions, whereby Hoeft creates a multicultural, gender-insensitive and thus extremely positive, as contemporary, image of research.

The signs, which measure around 6 by 3 meters, were mounted on the containers set up for various research purposes with the help of a truck-mounted crane. Another six signs will be mounted inside the building at a later date.