ESYS Energiesymposium 2018


The Energy Symposium of the Academies‘ project "Energy Systems of the Future" (ESYS) took place in the dbb forum Berlin on September 12, 2018.

The path to a sustainable, secure, and affordable energy supply is still long: Emissions from transport and industry are too high, there is a lack of suitable business models for ecofriendly technologies, and energy is not used efficiently enough. Rethinking is required: Germany can make the leap into the next stage of the „Energiewende“ only through integrated, intelligent measures and international cooperation. Many questions are still unanswered along this way: Which boundary conditions and business models do we need to enable ecofriendly technologies to establish themselves on the market? How is the increasing digitization changing energy supply and transport concepts? Where are still research gaps?

The ESYS scientists discussed with around 250 stakeholders from politics, science, business, and civil society what Germany must do to turn the „Energiewende“ into a success story again.

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