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In the "Torque Drive" EXIST-project funded by the BMWi modular and segmented electric motors for use in industry, in plant construction and mechanical engineering, and in industrial special purpose machine construction are developed and produced. The aim of the funding project is the founding of TorqueWerk GmbH and the transfer of the motor technology into industrial applications.

The concept of motor segmentation provides a solution to the current problems of scalability, variant complexity and system integration of electric drives. The use of new modular system interfaces enables economies of scale for both the user and the manufacturer.


The central element of the innovative concept is the modular, segmentable, and thus easily scalable design of a variable-speed electrical machine, whose stator is made up of several identical segments, similar to machines with a split stator. In contrast to conventional electric motors, where the stator occupies the entire circumference, however, the stator is only partially fitted depending on the torque specification (one, two or four stator modules designed as identical parts). As a result, limiting interfaces in the industry are disbanded, replaced by more flexible ones and thereby opening up new possibilities for integration.

By using identical parts, economies of scale are exploited even at low quantities. Furthermore, the installation space saved with partial assembly has an advantageous effect on the integrability and opens up a new freedom in geometry, since the motors do not necessarily occupy a cylindrical space. Because of the partial loading of the stator, the degree of utilization of the rotor is lower. Therefore, the synchronous reluctance machine, whose rotor is particularly inexpensive and without rare earth to produce, is used.



01st September 2016 - 30th November 2018



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