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Thermal Model Predictive Control to Improve the Utilization of Electric Traction Motors

The project "ThermoRaise" aims to implement and validate a novel process for real-time thermal modeling of electric drives. The method should allow prediction of the overload capacity in the respective application context. The aim of the dynamic overload control is to improve the utilization of existing potential with regard to power increase and material reduction. The focus of this work is the further development of a methodology for the automated generation of space-resolved thermal models for electrical machines for the critical hotspots determination. Novel methods for the parameterization of material and geometry properties are validated on the test bench. The results shall be incorporated into the series development of vehicles and contribute to the further diffusion of electric mobility.


The model predictive overload control includes

  • Runtime-capable space-resolved loss model
  • Temperature observer based on space-resolved thermal equivalent circuit
  • Predictive determination of torque overload capability for any defined forecast horizon
  • Guaranteed acceleration- / braking torque


1st September 2016 – 31st August 2018



Federal Ministry of Education and Research Validierung des technologischen und gesellschaftlichen Innovationspotenzials wissenschaftlicher Forschung


German National Platform for Electric Mobility

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