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Highly-efficient 3-level inverter topology for high-voltage traction drives with cost effective semiconductors

To increase the efficiency for electric vehicles with power capabilities above 150 kW an increased dc-link voltage of 800 V is feasible. In industry applications a significant efficiency gain was achieved by use of the three-level NPC topology based on silicon IGBTs with 650 V blocking voltage.


In the project H3Top, the ISEA holistically evaluate different concepts for traction inverters in electric vehicles. The evaluation of the complete drive train, which includes inverter and electric machine, covers the impact of an increased dc-link voltage and the use of the three-level topology. Moreover, the utilization of silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductors for traction applications is investigated. For this reason, measurements with four different inverters and two induction machines (400 V and 800 V) are carried out. The holistic evaluation includes system efficiency, volume, high-frequency filtering, bearing current of the induction machine and acoustic emissions.



1st. February 2016 – 31st January 2019



Federal Ministry of Education and Research


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