sBat - safer Battery


The scope of the EXIST-Transfer of Research project sBat -safer Battery- is to develop and commercialize innovative diagnostic methods for the characterization and operation of lithium-ion battery systems under the highest safety and reliability requirements. The advanced diagnostic systems consist of innovative measuring electronics as well as algorithms. The new approach enables, for the first time, the recording of the mechanical and thermal parameters inside lithium-ion batteries onboard during operation, such as the internal cell temperature and the internal cell pressure. This allows an early and precise detection of safety-critical battery processes, such as gas formation and lithium plating. In addition, the methods are capable of precisely and redundantly determining the state of charge (SOC), state of health (SOH) and state of function (SOF) in current and future cell material combinations. The product and service portfolio will include, in addition to consulting services for safety-critical design of battery management systems (BMS), the sale and integration of innovative diagnostic procedures into existing and future battery systems.




01.04.2018 – 31.03.2020



Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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