Flexible Rail Bus for Rural Areas


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Duc Huu Pham

Chief Engineer Power Electronics and Electrical Drives


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The aim of FlexSBus-LR (Flexible Rail Bus for Rural Areas) is to develop, build and demonstrate a flexible rail bus for rural areas in order to reactivate rail tracks in rural areas and make them attractive for passengers. Such vehicles are currently not available on the market and are necessary for the gradual reactivation of unused tracks as well as for an increased usage of auxiliary rail tracks in the future. By providing attractive and networked mobility solutions, rail vehicles in rural areas can counter both climate change and the shortage of living space in areas of high population densities. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

The main objective in FlexSBus-LR is to separate the chassis from the passenger cell such that goods can also be transported in the future. The main aspects of the development are lightweight construction, energy efficiency, a low-emission drive system, noise reduction and cost-effectiveness over the entire life cycle. A highly efficient electric drive train using a passenger car electric motor in conjunction with lightweight single-axle chassis are innovative approaches. Energy is stored in batteries with a high energy density, allowing braking energy to be fed back to increase the range.

In FlexSBus-LR, the ISEA focuses on the integration of the drive into the chassis of the rail vehicle and the dimensioning of the battery system. In cooperation with the partners, the entire drive system is integrated into the vehicle, including the communication system. High power and torque densities are achieved by real-time thermal modeling which enables thermal monitoring in the drive system. Relevant control parameters are characterized and the speed-torque map is determined by measurements on a test bench. The evaluation of the electric drive including battery system and charger will be supported by ISEA and the drive system will be checked against the elaborated functional requirements.



01st June, 2021 – 31st May, 2024





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