Mun-E-P 2


Municipal E-Bus Planner 2

Battery powered electric buses represent the only available technology in foreseeable future that allows a large-scale global (CO2) and local (PM, NOx, noise) emissions reduction of the public bus transportation sector. However, the transition from conventional diesel to electric bus fleets is a major challenge for cities and municipalities. Based on the findings from the pathfinder project “Mun-E-P”, “Mun-E-P 2” develops, validates and brings the envisaged planning software tool to market, that integrates transportation planning and simulation models of battery driven public transport busses and the suitable charging infrastructure. Several use cases for the complementary engineering services overcome the market entry hurdles (i.e. finding early adopters) and lead to a self-sustaining business.

The services offered by one of the project partners (ebusplan GmbH) finally help to find ideal implementation strategies for electric public transport in different cities and thus significantly help reducing climate impact of the transport sector.



1st July, 2015 to 30th June, 2018



Europäisches Technologieinstitut (EIT) durch Climate-KIC