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ELIPTIC – Electrification of Public Transport in Cities

ELIPTIC aims to develop new concepts and business cases in order to optimize existing electric public transport infrastructure and rolling stock, saving both money and energy. The project strengthens the role of electric public transport, leading to reduced fossil fuel consumption and improved air quality. ELIPTIC focuses on the use of existing electric public transport systems (including light rail, metro, tram and trolleybus) for the electrification of multimodal mobility approaches in the urban, sub-urban and also less urban context. The overall concept and main assumption underpinning ELIPTIC is that further take-up of electric vehicles can be supported cost-efficiently by integrating existing electric public transport infrastructure for multi-purpose use.


Within ELIPTIC, ISEA is responsible for the creation of business cases and development schemes for the different technological concepts demonstrated within the project.

Together with each local use case team (public transport operator, public transport authority, local research partner), we develop concrete business cases for the further take-up of the respective electrification concepts. This is achieved by a comprehensive software based planning process, combined with the experiences of field-tests and demonstrations, founded by a series of on-site workshops.

These workshops, distributed over the entire project duration, involve important local stakeholders (PT operators, research partners, cities/municipalities, electricity grid operators) and are an important instrument to collate the findings and results from each local use case.

Further, we derive development plans across the various projects in order to identify synergies and exchange results and experiences (e. g. possible solutions to specific technical challenges that have two or more sites in common). For this purpose, results are compared across the various locations and "generalized" electric mobility development concepts are derived from them.



1st June, 2015 to 31st May, 2018



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