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Optical and Acoustic Coating Monitoring in advanced Production Process

The production of lithium-ion-cells is based on the initial processes mixing and coating of the electrode slurry which have a significant impact on the cells quality. The defect detection on the surface and inside of the coated layers is a key point in in-line quality control during production which gets increasingly difficult owing to the broad substrate width and high coating speed. An early on continuous detection helps minimizing the discarded share and thus decrease production and materials costs and increase cell quality.


This project aims to cooperatively develop a camera and ultrasonic based sensor and diagnostic system which can in-line detect all relevant quality parameters during the coating of metal foils. The full width should be detected and a flexible approach for the systems enables the integration into old and new coaters. The relevant quality parameters are:

  • Coating thickness

  • Homogeneity of coating thickness

  • Detection of faulty areas

  • Adhesion properties

  • Humidity

  • Homogeneity of residual humidity distribution



1st January, 2016 to 31st December, 2017



The Central Innovation Programme for SMEs