Fabian Frie

Head of Section Battery Modeling, Analytics and Lifetime Prediction


+49 241 80 99591


Lithium-Ion cell

HiT-Cell – Development of a temperature resistant lithium-ion-cell

The thermal management for state of the art battery cells can get quite demanding especially when significantly increasing the power capabilities. This research project aims at developing a battery cell which can be integrated in high-power applications while also minimizing the needed cooling periphery. The inactive components of the cell and the overall design of the battery will be optimized for high temperature stability without impeding the performance at nominal conditions (room temperature). A battery cell will be developed which can be used at 65 °C without derating and which can be integrated without a big cooling effort.


With this project, new fields of applications can be accessed by the lithium-ion-technology which could not be realized yet due to the complex integration regarding cooling periphery. The main research aim of this project is thus to design a temperature stable battery cell while also regarding the safety, lifetime and costs. The project focusses on the high temperature stability and the technical and economic feasibility.

The project contributes to the development of a high-power and safe battery which does not require a complicated cooling system due to its inherent temperature stability. A breakthrough development in this technological are will grant access to new applications for lithium-ion-batteries. German manufacturers of electrified utility vehicles can thus act competitively on the market. Furthermore, the goal of a national german cell production is strengthened.



1st January, 2018 to 30th June, 2021



Federal Ministry of Education and Research


German National Platform for Electric Mobility