Highly Integrated High-Speed Range Extender Module

Together with the innovative firms ENGIRO GmbH, AixControl GmbH and ISAR Getriebetechnik KG, ISEA is developing an integrated high-speed range extender module based on a wankel engine and a switched reluctance machine as part of a collaborative project. The project title is HiREX (Highly Integrated High-Speed Range Extender Module). It is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).


The innovative module that the project aims to develop is supposed to achieve both higher operating speed and consistent integration of all sub-components. The ultimate goal is to enhance the power density of the overall system. The key question from a technical development standpoint is whether, and if so how, a range extender module that is competitive in terms of cost and installation space can be developed despite the increased work and expense involved in production and mechanical losses. The approach being taken in the project opens up the possibility of leveraging technological innovation to make German companies independent of rare earth metals. In the course of the project, the partners develop an integrated prototype of around 20 kW, which is validated by extensive measurements. One innovative partner from the industrial sector has been brought in for the development of each of the individual sub-components. The goal is to develop an optimally calibrated overall system through interdisciplinary cooperation on specific assigned tasks between the participating companies and engineering researchers at ISEA.






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