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Scientific measurement and evaluation program of pv battery systems 2.0

The Project Speichermonitoringis the second period of the scientific evaluation program of the federal funding for pv battery systems, which was implemented by German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the KfW Group. The aim of the project is the monitoring of the market and technology development of decentralized pv battery systems in Germany. The project uses extensive publications and public workshops to bring transparency into the young and fast growing market of pv battery systems, which developed from a niche into a mass product. The scientific insights of the project constitute decision support for consumers, politics and manufacturers.



Jan Figgener

Head of Section Battery Grid Integration and Storage System Analysis


+49 241 80 49312



Within the project analysis of three major topics are made:

  1. The monitoring of the market and technology development of pv battery systems in Germany: Therefor a database of around 20,000 funded pv battery systems is used to analyze the quantity, the geographic distribution or typical system configurations.
  2. The evaluation of the direct effects of pv battery systems on taxes and apportionments: Through the analysis of energy meters of over 1,000 pv battery systems the generated solar energy, the consumption, the feed in energy and the energy supplied by the grid can be identified. The values can afterwards be used to quantify taxes and apportionments such as the not paid out EEG compensation or the not paid grid fees.
  3. The high resolution measurements of up to 32 privately operated pv battery systems: The analysis of the measured field data (T = 1s) enables the evaluation of the systems’ technical performances under realistic conditions. Hereby characteristics such as the efficiencies or the operation conditions are investigated. Furthermore, the field measurements are used to analyze the influence of pv battery systems on the distribution grid.


1st December, 2016 to 31st December, 2019