Battery Testing



Yusuf Yurdagel

Head of Electrical Laboratories Hüttenstraße


+49 241 80 49318



ISEA operates a battery test center with more than 600 test channels with different current rates from 10 A up to 1500 A. This enables us to test and characterize battery cells as well as conduct fully automated aging tests. All test channels are operated in combination with temperature chambers which are controlled throughout the test procedures. Besides cell tests the center offers equipment for module and pack tests up to 240 kW (800 V, 600 A). Each test channel is connected to a central redundant data acquisition system. A vibration test bench in combination with a temperature chamber allows to test cell connections of modules at different frequencies, amplitudes and temperatures. Furthermore, we developed and operate a test bench to measure and analyze the heat propagation in cells. The heat capacity as well as loss power of cells can be measured in different calorimeters.

ISEA’s battery test center is situated in Hüttenstraße, Aachen. Directions can be found under this link.