The Road to Energy Transition - JARA-ENERGY Talks with Dr. Shuli Goodman

  Lecture Shuli Goodman Ph.D., Linux Foundation Energy

Wednesday, April 28, 2021, 5:00 p.m., online presentation


For the sixth time, the "JARA-ENERGY Talks" event took place on April 28. On this occasion, Dr. Shuli Goodman of LF Energy spoke to more than 100 international participants about the need to reduce carbon emissions and accelerate the realization of the energy transition. Novel approaches such as the use of open-source solutions as well as the handling of the resulting amount of data were addressed.

Today's energy system urgently needs to change and undergo a fundamental transformation. Dr. Goodman, founder and Executive Director of LF Energy, a non-profit, company-neutral initiative of the Linux Foundation, is well aware of this. During the sixth JARA-ENERGY Talks, which again took place in an online format, the social scientist and technologist presented her view of the energy transition. For her, the energy transition has a distinct and emotional claim, because it is about protecting the environment and thus ensuring a good life for the next generations. With her work, she wants to contribute to the transformation of the energy system worldwide.

In her presentation, Dr. Goodman addressed the fact that climate change is a man-made phenomenon. Over the past approximately 250 years, CO2 emissions have significantly increased. This trend started around the time of industrialization and continues into modern times, as large amounts of fossil fuels are still consumed for power generation and fuels. According to Goodman, there are now only ten years left to stop climate change. Innovative ideas and approaches would therefore have to be promoted as quickly as possible, because the transformation of the energy system is a mammoth task with many challenges ahead.

Important for the success of the energy transition is a global approach including all sectors, and involving as many experts as possible. Open source solutions are a key tool to ensure global progress and exchange. At the JARA-ENERGY Talks, Dr. Goodman pointed out that the generation of big data must also be taken into account. Every exchange, every collaborative project, every idea generates a huge amount of information that needs to be processed and stored. The energy consumption of Big Data is enormous in the process and must therefore not be forgotten in the considerations. Nevertheless, Goodman sees open source as a chance for the energy transition.

Another challenge that needs to be overcome is bringing together different perspectives and conditions. Dr. Shuli Goodman is certain that the energy transition can only be realized through a global approach. However, this approach is accompanied by differences between countries that need to be brought down to a common ground. Together with creating a digital infrastructure, Goodman therefore named joint exchange and rapprochement as key tasks.

During the post-speech discussion with the participants, other interesting questions and comments arose, which Dr. Goodman answered in detail. In conclusion, she called for support of the LF Energy program, further expansion of the expert network with the numerous projects and active participation in the realization of the energy transition.