Launch of the battery utilization concepts research cluster


With the cluster kickoff event on March 3 and 4, 2021, the cross-project cluster work in the BMBF-funded cluster Battery Utilization Concepts could officially start after the launch of all 13 participating projects. Due to Prof. Sauer's role as spokesperson of the newly created cluster, ISEA played a very special role by hosting the digital kickoff event. Through the detailed presentation of the individual projects and the identification of interfaces, the networking in the entire cluster could be further advanced. In addition, the management circle belonging to the cluster also had the opportunity to evaluate initial progress within the framework of the projects and to contribute valuable industry input to the cluster projects, thus advancing the networking of projects and industry in the cluster. This networking is to be further intensified through additional events such as cluster meetings and industry days over the duration of the cluster, which is 3.5 years in total.

Cluster Battery utilization concepts