Modeling long-term capacity degradation of lithium-ion batteries


Marcus Johnen, Simon Pitzen, Udo Kamps, Maria Kateri, Philipp Dechent, Dirk Uwe Sauer,  Journal of Energy Storage, Vol. 32, December 2020.



Capacity degradation of lithium-ion batteries under long-term cyclic aging is modeled via a flexible sigmoidal-type regression set-up, where the regression parameters can be interpreted. Different approaches known from the literature are discussed and compared with the new proposal. Statistical procedures, such as parameter estimation, confidence and prediction intervals are presented and applied to real data. The long-term capacity degradation model may be applied in second-life scenarios of batteries. Using some prior information or training data on the complete degradation path, the model can be fitted satisfactorily even if only short-term degradation data is available. The training data may arise from a single battery.


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