System integration and analysis of SiC-based high power inverter with up to 250 kW and switching slopes of up to 50 kV/μs for novel powertrain concepts


Rik W. De Doncker, Lea Fuchs, Maximilian Hepp, Christoph Luedecke, Christian Meyne, Alexander Nisch, Alexander Otto, Thomas Reum, Sven Rzepka, Christian Strenger, André Uhlemann, Omar Vanegas, Wolfgang Wondrak



The target of the BMBF-funded project “SiCnifikant“ is to develop and investigate the advantages of SiC-based semiconductor power modules within inverter configurations, suitable for electrical drive trains up to 250 kW at DC-link voltages up to 800 V. A broad range of investigations and simulations is performed. Starting from component level via module- and inverter-prototyping, up to the analysis of the system behaviour, especially with respect to the impact of steep switching slopes of up to 50 kV/μs, the project represents a holistic approach towards novel electrical drive trains.