SiCmodul - Modular high-temperature SiC power electronics for fail-safe power control in electrical drive engineering


C. Marczok, M. Martina, M. Laumen, S. Richter, A. Birkhold, B. Flieger, O. Wendt, T. Päsler



The application of silicon carbide semiconductors in combination with high-temperature compatible materials allows for increased switching speeds and improved power densities in future power electronic systems. Further, it is expected that the component requirements regarding the reliability increase, while the failure proneness is reduced. To achieve these goals, the fundamental requirements are an optimized system design and robust interconnection technologies, which are addressed as main objectives in the publicly funded research project SiCmodul. The consortium members realize an advanced traction inverter, which is scalable in power and features a power stage that is operational at temperatures of up to 200 °C. Hence, the inverter will be directly mounted to the electric motor, yielding a more compact and efficient power unit. Furthermore, tasks on intelligent motor control, failure detection, thermal optimizations and reliability investigations are passed.