In-Operando Impedance Spectroscopy and Ultrasonic Measurements during High-Temperature Abuse Experiments on Lithium-Ion Batteries


Hendrik Zappen, Georg Fuchs, Alexander Gitis, Dirk Uwe Sauer
Batteries2020, 6(2), 25



Lithium-Ion batteries are used in ever more demanding applications regarding operating range and safety requirements. This work presents a series of high-temperature abuse experiments on a nickel-manganese-cobalt oxide (NMC)/graphite lithium-ion battery cell, using advanced in-operando measurement techniques like fast impedance spectroscopy and ultrasonic waves, as well as strain-gauges. the presented results show, that by using these methods degradation effects at elevated temperature can be observed in real-time. These methods have the potential to be integrated into a battery management system in the future. Therefore they make it possible to achieve higher battery safety even under the most demanding operating conditions.

DOI: batteries