Seminar „Lithium Ion Batteries for on-board systems, hybrid and electric vehicles” in Aachen

  Lithium Ion Batteries for on-board systems, hybrid and electric vehicles Copyright: © HDT

September 19-20, 2019 in Aachen/Germany with inspection of the ISEA laboratories



  • Requirements for battery storage in vehicles
  • Basics of lithium-ion batteries and SuperCaps
  • Ageing effects and lifetimes of batteries
  • Safety aspects during transport and operation of HV batteries
  • Battery pack design and thermal management
  • Simulation and modelling of battery storage systems
  • Battery Management Systems - Structure and Function
  • Certification of cells and batteries
  • Method for battery diagnostics
  • Development trends in hybridization and electrification
  • Integration of electric vehicles into the power grid
  • Highlight: Visit of the ISEA laboratories

About the topic

For hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles and electric drive systems, energy storage is a key component in terms of cost, performance and reliability. A basic understanding of battery technologies (especially Lihium-Ion batteries) as well as SuperCaps, battery management systems and simulation models and the design of battery systems is the basis for successful product developments. The demands placed on the reliability and performance of the electrical on-board systems of modern cars are constantly increasing. The storage of electrical energy plays a central role in the overall concept.

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