Lecture of Prof. De Doncker at the University of Alberta, June 12, 2019

  Prof. De Doncker holds lecture Copyright: © UofA

As part of an RWTH Delegation visiting the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, Prof. De Doncker was invited to give a talk on flexible electrical distribution grids and DC technologies. The seminar was organized by the Faculty of Engineering and chaired by Prof. Ying Tsui, Associated Dean, Research and International. The local IEEE Power Electronics Chapter was invited to the seminar.

The presentation of Prof. De Doncker focused on key enabling technologies that are pursued in research programs, in particular in Germany, to prepare the electrical supply system and the grid for an increased use of more decentralized and more volatile, renewable power sources at the medium- and low-voltage distribution level. In particular, research on DC and hybrid grids in cities to accommodate fast charging of vehicles performed by his institutes ISEA and PGS|EONERC in the scope of the BMBF Research CAMPUS Flexible Electrical Networks (FEN) were highlighted.