CO2 free delivery in Bonn


The joint project „CO2-freie Zustellung Bonn“ accompanies and analyzes the operation of electrified, locally concentrated, large commercial fleets. The fleet is operated by a large delivery service in the region of Bonn. Partners are DHL, Langmatz GmbH as well as FCN and PGS of the E.ON ERC and DPOR at RWTH Aachen University. The research focus of PGS within this project includes

  • Range estimation and planning of delivery routes
  • Optimization of charging strategies under consideration of different boundary conditions such as
    • Power limitations of distribution substations
    • Electricity price
    • Share of electricity from renewables
    • Battery aging
  • Effect of local peak power demand on the distribution network

In addition the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the battery pack will be addressed and the development of intelligent charging infrastructure will be promoted.



1st January, 2013 to 31st December, 2015


Funding and partners