Systematic and Application Wide Comparison of Power Electronic Converters and Components for DC Grids



Michael Laumen

Chief Engineer Power Electronics and Electrical Drives


+49 241 80 99577



Power-electronic converters and their components are a key technology for the development and market penetration of future DC grids and their application scenarios. However, the required power-electronic converters differ not only in terms of the application scenario and the boundary conditions, but also in particular with regard to their topology.

A dedicated selection of the best possible topology for a given application scenario is extremely extensive due to the diversity of topologies. An initial design decision is therefore often made based on subjective empirical values.

In order not to exclude promising topologies in advance, intelligent algorithms are being researched in the ScaLE project that enable a systematic comparison and evaluation of the most diverse topologies.


  • Holistic comparison of different topologies, components and their characteristic behavior
  • Exploring the cross-specification and cross-application scalability of topologies
  • Research into the effects of medium-frequency voltage loads
  • Verification of MAMOO and the structure browser through research samples


  • Exploration of a Multi-Application-Multi-Objective-Optimization (MAMOO) algorithm to compare different converter topologies.
  • Researching a structure browser to evaluate the similarities and differences of prototypes
  • Iterative optimization and expansion of the algorithm through research samples


05/2020 - 04/2025