Next-Generation Electrochemical Hydrogen Production – Dynamic Operation, Novel Power Electronics and Lifetime Enhancement




Michael Laumen

Chief Engineer Power Electronics and Electrical Drives


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Hydrogen plays a key role in the transformation of the energy system toward a carbon-neutral future. The Zukunftscluster Wasserstoff (cluster for future hydrogen technologies) has been founded to lead hydrogen technologies from R&D into practical applications. The cluster bundles the competences of numerous partners in science, industry and society in the framework of eleven research projects that address the complete life cycle of hydrogen, from its generation, storage and transport until its usage. This way, the region around Aachen will become the “innovation valley” of market-ready hydrogen technologies.

One of the eleven research projects in the cluster is the project HyInnoLyze that focuses on water electrolysis as the main generation technology of green hydrogen. The Forschungszentrum Jülich (Jülich research center), Siemens and ISEA research into water electrolysis in its entirety. The main research topics are the dynamics of water electrolysis in future energy systems under fluctuating electricity generation, the use of intermediate storage systems, novel and cost-effective electrode coating materials as well as corrosion and aging mechanisms. In the scope of the project, ISEA will develop advanced power-electronic converters that are ideally tailored to the needs of water electrolysis. These converters aim at maximum modularity, reduction of current ripples that downgrade the electrolysis by employing wide-bandgap semiconductor devices, highly dynamic controllability, high efficiency and long lifetime.

By close cooperation between the project partners, we address water electrolysis holistically, with special emphasis on the numerous interfaces between electrochemistry, power electronics and the system level. Further associated partners in the project are Stadtwerke Aachen AG (STAWAG) and New Power Pack GmbH.



10/2021 - 09/2024




Website: http://h2-cluster.de/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/zukunftscluster-wasserstoff


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