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Innovative Materials for Stationary Lead-Acid-Batteries

The project AddESun aims to further expand the importance of lead-acid-batteries by researching innovative materials for stationary batteries to increase the production efficiency, to improve charge acceptance and to maximize lifetime and energy density. The occurring processes in a lead-acid-battery are very complex and partially not fully understood compared to other electrochemical energy storages. This renders the research both challenging and highly interesting. The high level of complexity also allows for breakthrough research on this supposedly “old” technology which places lead-acid-batteries as a high-tech product in the center of society and economy.



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Scope of the project:

  • Research the electrochemical functionality of new materials on a micro- and macroscopic level

  • Physical, chemical and electrochemical experiments on the functional materials and additives (electrodes and electrolyte)

  • Laboratory tests in test cells

  • Work out the effect mechanisms

  • Physical-chemical modelling

  • Prove the gain in performance with a demstrator

    • Cyclic stability

    • Mass utilization

    • Charging current

    • Formation efficiency



1st September, 2017 to 31st August, 2020



Federal Ministry of Education and Research



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