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Overview of the testbench concept Overview of the testbench concept

The InFIS-Project is a subproject of the interdisciplinary infrastructure project Urban Energy Lab 4.0. As part of the InFIS-Project, the geographically remote energy research infrastructure of the RWTH Aachen University should be virtually connected. Existing and new test benches in different locations will be coupled with each other through real-time interfaces. For example, a grid emulator for low-voltage grids will be developed and built up as Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop (PHiL) test bench. With this test bench, the analysis of DUTs (devices under test) under different grid circumstances will be possible.

ISEA will develop a mobile test bench as part of the InFIS-Project to test flexible devices of smart grids. The test bench will be validated with a commercially available PV home storage as the first demonstration object. PV home storages have shown an impressive development in technology and the number of installation in the last few years. Because the power of storage is usually higher than the average household consumption, this storage system will lay significant influences, especially upon the distribution grid on the low-voltage level. Research on those influences is the task of InFIS-Project’s pilot test. Due to this reason, a BESS (battery energy storage system) will be tested as DUT, and the communication protocol of the storage will be analyzed through power sensors. By this means, the storage can be mobile and flexibly attached to the grid emulator and can be integrated into any simulation environment, only if a local python program can deliver the signal needed.



01st July 2018 – 31th December 2021




European Regional Development Fund (EFRE-0500029)
The project received financial support from OP EFRE.NRW 2014-2020 under the funding reference number EFRE-0500029.

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