Robust Communication in Autonomous Electric Vehicles


Autonomous electric vehicles will play a key role in future mobility. They provide the opportunity to significantly reduce emissions and traffic noise in cities. Moreover, they meet the mobility requirements of today's younger generation as well as the needs of an aging society. Highly safe, efficient and reliable electronics and sensor technology are indispensable for these vehicles.

This project investigates modern power electronics based on wide-bandgap semiconductors and their influence on communication systems, especially in autonomous electric vehicles. For this purpose, the gate control of the power electronics is adapted at ISEA by means of specifications from the communication link. By developing adaptive driver circuits, a compromise between high efficiency and low electromagnetic emissions can be achieved.

The main objective of the project Robust Communication in Autonomous Electric Vehicles (RobKom) is to develop an intelligent control system for semiconductors based on new materials such as silicon carbide. These semiconductors enable high efficiency, but at the same time place high demands on the electromagnetic compatibility of other electronic components in the vehicle due to their fast switching frequencies. Especially the increasing automation and digitalization in the vehicle requires highly reliable and safe communication within and across vehicles to ensure functionality and safety. The research work in the project is intended to achieve an optimum balance at all times between the interference-free communication of individual components in the vehicle and the efficiency of the drive system by monitoring all components in conjunction with flexible control of the drive electronics. The control system developed in the project makes it possible for the first time to reconcile the desired increase in efficiency through new semiconductors in the drive electronics of electric vehicles with safe and reliable communication between the components. The project thus makes an essential contribution to the further development of electric mobility.



November 2018 – April 2022





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