Condition monitoring of power electronics for electric production vehicles



Sven Kalker

Chief Engineer Power Electronics and Electrical Drives


+49 241 80 97159


  ZuLeSELF Copyright: © Christoph van der Broeck/ISEA

The reliable and safe operation of power electronics is of great importance, especially in the field of electric mobility. The conventional approach is thereby the strategic oversizing of built-in converters. By using state-of-health monitoring, this cost-intensive oversizing can be avoided. Monitoring guarantees a reliable and safe operation due to an early diagnosis of critical degradation and an early prediction of necessary maintenance.

During the project ZuLeSELF, ISEA and its project partners focus on the development and hardware demonstration of a condition-monitoring system for power electronics in the field of electric mobility. A monitoring concept has to be devised on chip-, module- or vehicle level for every identified critical system state.

The ISEA focuses especially on the development of a real-time capable condition-monitoring system using complex multi-domain observers. Therefore, measurement circuits to obtain temperature-sensitive electrical parameters of SiC-MOSFETs have to be designed. The monitoring system, including the measurement electronics, shall be integrated in the driver circuit of the power transistors.



1st September, 2018 to 31st February, 2022



Federal Ministry of Education and Research


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