Fully Integrated Autonomous Single-Tooth Module with Integrated SiC Power Electronics for Electric Drives


VERSE researches integrated drive systems based on silicon carbide (SiC) devices. The focus is on an autonomous single tooth (AEZ), a fully integrated single stator-tooth module with integrated SiC power electronics, sensors, logic and integrated communication. The AEZ is the answer to the conflicting challenges of specialization through system integration and a low-cost modular component system that is suitable for mass production. The research forms a milestone towards a further reduction of system costs.

The project addresses the following topics in detail:

  • Research on the AEZ as a fully integrated autonomous single-tooth module with robust and universal interfaces. Here, the challenges arising from the spatial proximity of the individual components and the universal applicability are particularly important.
  • Research on an autonomous, distributed control system. The aim is to enable a fault-tolerant operation and a high efficiency with the lowest possible communication requirements. The single-tooth structure without star point introduces particularly high demands on the control system.
  • Research on the winding insulation. The use of fast switching SiC semiconductors with high voltage gradients requires an investigation of the stress and the lifetime of the winding insulation systems.



01st October 2018 – 31th December 2021





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