SST-Based Grid Reinforcement for Electromobility Integration in Distribution Grids


Charukeshi Joglekar, Benedict Mortimer, Ferdinanda Ponci, Antonello Monti, Rik W. De Doncker, Energies, Vol. 15, 27. April 2022.



Electric Vehicles (EVs) are gaining acceptance due to the advantages they offer in the reduction of nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide emissions. The need for emission reduction and the potential of EVs for these reductions is reflected in the current sustainable mobility policies of the EU as well as the German government. Increasing the penetration of EVs in the grid requires an expansion of EV charging infrastructure, which in turn requires either grid reinforcement or solutions for more efficient use of existing infrastructure to avoid or postpone grid reinforcement. Distribution transformers face increased loading due to EV charging and need to be protected from overloading during peak load periods to ensure continuity of service. Therefore, transformers are one of the components that are upgraded or replaced as a part of grid reinforcement. In this paper, we propose the connection of a Solid-State Transformers (SST) between two buses operating at the same-voltage level as an alternative to replacement or upgrading of conventional transformer as well as to prevent their overloading. We analyse how the proposed topology can be useful to reduce the impact of EV integration on the overloading of distribution transformers and node voltage violations in the distribution grid.


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