Fidelity Assessment of Real-Time Simulation of DC-DC Converters


Marija Stevic, Gaurav Roy, Ting Wang, Zhiqing Yang, Ravinder Venugopal, Rik W. De Doncker, Antonello Monti, 2021 IEEE Fourth International Conference on DC Microgrids (ICDCM), 18.-21. Juli 2021.



Real-time simulation of multi-converter systems at sub-microsecond resolution is of interest for validation and testing of protection schemes in Medium-Voltage direct current (MVdc) grids. To provide valid simulation and testing results, it is of significant importance to ensure a high degree of simulation fidelity. MVdc grids consisting of multiple three-phase Dual Active Bridge (DAB3) converters are considered in this work. This paper analyzes the trade-off between the number of DAB3 converters included in the MVdc grid and associated computational demand. Simulation fidelity is quantified for different simulation time-steps and recommendations for accurate real-time simulation of MVdc grids with DAB3 converters are provided.