Inverter Topology for Range-Extender Units based on Switched Reluctance Generators with Integrated DC-DC Converter


Georg Tobias Götz, Duc Pham, Rik W. De Doncker, 2020 23rd International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS), 24-27 November 2020, doi: 10.23919/ICEMS50442.2020.9291050



Modern electric traction drives for automotive applications can be extended with a dc-dc converter. For series-hybrid vehicles, the dc-dc converter can be integrated into the inverter of the range-extender generator. This saves components and thus leads to lower cost and weight. A switched reluctance machine as a range-extender generator has the advantages of higher robustness and lower cost compared to permanent magnet synchronous machines. This paper presents an inverter topology for a switched reluctance generator, which combines the dc-dc converter for voltage conversion between the battery and the dc link with the inverter of the generator. The topology is analyzed with respect to switching states and operating modes.

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