Challenges and possibilities of the integration of electric drives in mobile machinery


Andreas Opgenoorth, Stefan Quabeck, Rik W. De Doncker, Katharina Schmitz
12th International Fluid Power Conference, IFK 12, 12 - 14 October 2020, Vol. 1, pages 471-480.



This paper provides an overview of the challenges and possibilities of the integration of electric drives into diesel-hydraulic excavators. Due to the drivers of emission reduction, the use of renewable energies and more energy efficient systems, a global push leads to the integration of electric drives in excavators. In mobile machinery such as excavators, new possibilities and challenges of the adaptation of the drive train and energy storage arise.

Rotational actuators can be powered by direct electric drives to avoid losses of the hydraulic system. Adapted hydraulic system topologies enable recuperation and reduce throttling losses in hydraulic systems. Variable and overall higher electric motor speeds reduce the size of the electric and hydraulic components and enable operation in more efficient operating points.

To evaluate possible changes to the traditional hydraulic excavator systems, a simulation model is built and the proposed adaptations are implemented. The paper concludes with the evaluation of the proposed system changes and an outlook for further possibilities of hydraulic system adaptions in relation to the electric drive.

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