Selective-Harmonic Spatial Repetitive Control for PWM Converter Operation over a Wide Fundamental Frequency Range


Hao Zeng, Bulent Sarlioglu, Thomas M. Jahns, Christoph H. van der Broeck, Rik W. De Doncker



This paper proposes a selective harmonic spatial repetitive control (SHSRC) to actively regulate selected current harmonics of power converter systems over a wide fundamental frequency range. Previously proposed spatial repetitive control (SRC) applies fictive spatial samplers for extending the operating range of repetitive controllers to a wide range of fundamental frequencies. Based on the internal model principle, SRC can be further extended to SHSRC to precisely regulate specific sets of power harmonics, e.g., pk + q order harmonics. Compared to SRC, SHSRC offers better system dynamics without compromising steady-state performance. This makes SHSRC an effective tool for regulating harmonics that exhibit a dominant presence in power converter systems. Compared to conventional selective harmonic repetitive control, it extends the scope of the application from fixed to wide ranges of varying fundamental frequencies. In comparison to a multi-resonant controller, it offers superior features such as easier design, implementation, and computational cost effectiveness. Experimental results are presented that demonstrate the effectiveness of SHSRC for regulating harmonics over a wide range of fundamental frequencies.