Market and Technology Development of PV Home Storage Systems in Germany


Kai-Philipp Kairies, Jan Figgener, David Haberschusz, Oliver Wessels, Benedikt Tepe, Dirk Uwe Sauer; Journal of Energy Storage, Volume 23, 2019, Pages 416-424



Residential home storage systems that increase solar self-consumption are a rapidly growing market in many countries around the world. This paper provides an in-depth overview about the market and technology development of home storage systems in Germany during the years 2013–2018. Based on the scientifically collected data of more than 20,000 individual home storage systems, quantitative evaluations of user preferences and industry trends are presented. The topics include market growth, choice of battery technology, typical system design, retail price development, purchase motivation, and user satisfaction. The presented data can be used to predict international markets or act as a foundation for studies regarding technology diffusion, grid effects, and multi-use scenarios of decentralized storage systems.

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