Multi-Application Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithm for DC-DC Converter Topology Choice


Carsten Fronczek, André Thönnessen, Rik W. De Doncker, 2022 IEEE Energy Conversation Congress and Exposition, 09. Oktober 2022 - 13. Oktober 2022. 



This paper presents a multi-application, multi-objective optimization (MAMOO) algorithm to support, rationalize, and accelerate initial design decisions of dc-dc converters. The algorithm evaluates a topology portfolio with regard to electric and non-electric objectives supporting the topology choice for the use case. Analytical waveform generation with Modified Nodal Analysis (MNA) makes the topology portfolio very modular, i.e., additional topologies can be easily added. Inherently, the design of the individual topologies is optimized, whereby an initial converter design can be selected from the calculated Pareto front. The algorithm is examplarily applied to the use case of a 15 kW fuel cell for an automotive application. The use case's objectives are discussed in detail.


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