Power Electronics


Power electronics are the core component for transforming electrical power. In the context of current research topics, a wide spectrum of key topics is covered to develop and improve power electronics.

The analysis of power electronic components and systems includes et al. the modeling of overall systems, individual semiconductors, passive components as well as cooling concepts and electromagnetic compatibility. Based on these models, optimized power electronic converters and components are designed and assembled. The focus lies thereby on highly integrated circuits (et al. by using WBG semiconductors), inductances and transformers. Furthermore, filters, driver circuits and sensor technologies are devised and built. For the operation of converters, high dynamic control methods are being developed. Depending on the application, the emphasis lies on efficiency optimization, thermal utilization, lifetime optimization or the reduction of emitted interference. In the context of power electronic components, the ISEA focusses especially on assembly and packaging technologies, cooling concepts and high integration.

All these topics are covered either in the power electronics group, in the reliable power electronic systems group or in cooperation with the electrical drives group.