Clean Room

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Since the end of 2003 the ISEA, together with two other institutes, has a modern clean room with an overall area of 750 m² at its disposal. In cooperation with the department of Materials in Electrical Engineering I (IWE I), the ISEA has access to all required process steps for the manufacturing of power semiconductor devices.



Modern wet benches with megasonic cleaning-tanks, which were obtained with funding of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, allow for wafer cleaning by wet chemical processes. The structuring of the wafers is performed in the photolithography laboratory, which is equipped with an exposure unit of the company Süß. In addition, the ISEA has a modern diffusion furnace at its disposal, with which the characteristically deep diffusion process of power semiconductor devices can be performed. For the metallization of the wafers two sputter systems as well as one evaporation system are available, whereas an additional smaller sputtering unit is used for research on metallization layer sequences. Concerning packaging, standard processes of the IWE I are ready for the construction of power modules. These include reflow furnaces, thin and thick wire bonder as well as processes for flip-chip bonded semiconductors. Altogether, the ISEA operates a completely equipped semiconductor laboratory, which allows for development of new power semiconductor devices as well as packaging technologies. Among others, bipolar devices for high power switching are investigated, covering the whole process chain from pure silicon wafer to characterization of the finished device.