Logo of Torquewerk

Torquewerk designs modular electrical machines.

  Logo of Batterieingenieure

BatterieIngenieure GmbH was founded in 2015 as an association of experienced engineers and physicists from battery research and manufacturing. We offer services for testing, modelling, diagnostics, battery development and small series production and advise companies on these areas.We deal with all electrochemical energy storage systems (primary and secondary batteries), as well as supercapacitors. As part of our integrated approach, we include thermal and mechanical storage systems under systemic and economic issues.
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  Logo Ebusplan

Ebusplan offers Consulting and Workshops around electrifiaction of public transport.

  Safion Logo

All activities of SAFION GmbH serve the purpose of making battery systems more efficient and safer. For this purpose, we use innovative diagnostic and operational management technologies developed by the team during more than eight years of research at the ISEA of RWTH Aachen University. SAFION GmbH's solutions are used in the development, quality assurance and onboard diagnosis of battery cells and battery systems.
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