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Battery System Technology and Vehicle Integration


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Titel Autor(en)
Challenges of second-life concepts for retired electric vehicle batteries
[Journal Article]
In: Cell reports, 3, 101095, 2022
Börner, Martin Florian (Corresponding author)
Frieges, Moritz Holger
Späth, Benedikt Stefan
Spütz, Kathrin
Heimes, Heiner Hans
Sauer, Dirk Uwe
Li, Weihan
A method to determine the specific heat capacity of lithium-ion battery cells using thermal insulation
[Journal Article]
In: Journal of power sources, 583, 233499, 2023
Faber, Matthias Jürgen (Corresponding author)
Buitkamp, Oliver Wolfgang
Ritz, Simon
Börner, Martin Florian
Berger, Jonathan
Friedrich, Julian
Arzberger, Arno
Sauer, Dirk Uwe