Stephan Bihn

M. Sc.

Head of Section Storage System Technology and Vehicle Integration

Stephan Bihn
Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives


Building: 6116

Room: 118

Hüttenstraße 7

52068 Aachen


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Titel Autor(en)
Physically Motivated Parameterization Methods for a High Power Lithium Ion Battery Cell
In: 13th International Battery Power Conference, 2021
Bihn, Stephan (Corresponding author)
Rinner, Jonas
Sauer, Dirk Uwe
Extensive aging analysis of high-power lithium titanate oxide batteries: Impact of the passive electrode effect
[Journal Article]
In: Journal of power sources, 473, 228566, 2020
Bank, Thomas (Corresponding author)
Feldmann, Jan
Klamor, Sebastian
Bihn, Stephan
Sauer, Dirk Uwe