Electrical Drives

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The range of tasks of the “electrical drives” research group includes the specification, design, modeling, control and the realization of innovative drive systems. Besides the machine models, the accurate modeling of drive trains takes especially the characteristics of power electronics and controls into account, since significant interactions exist. As early as the design phase, aspects like magnetic utilization, thermal stress and cooling, dynamic behavior and required load cycles are thoroughly examined. One work focus of this research group is the design of drive controls and inverters for rotating field and switched reluctance machines. Thereby, the emphasis lies especially on dynamic and energy efficient control methods as well as high power densities of the electronics. The development results can be measured on test benches and simulated by using accurate inverter and machine models, including the thermal behavior and saturation effects.


Research Focus

  • design and realization of drive systems
  • overall system simulation and design
  • control of electrical drive systems
  • switched reluctance machines
  • vibroacoustic of electrical drives
  • characterization of electrical drives



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