Power Electronics

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The activities of the “power electronics” group cover the research of innovative power electronic systems, converters and components. Thereby, the whole spectrum of power electronics is covered: the interaction of components on system level, converter control, design of circuits and magnetic components, as well as assembly and packaging technologies for semiconductors. One essential requirement for the converter and system analysis is the reliable modeling of components and technologies. For this purpose, numerous commercial programs and self-created tools are available. One further important aspect of the group’s work is the practical realization of component and converter concepts and their verification by measurements. Various test benches and specially equipped laboratories are available for the assembly and characterization of converters and components. Besides the development of power electronic circuits, the focus lies especially on the research on auxiliary circuits, like driver circuits, sensor technologies and flexible controller hardware architectures. On the component level the emphasis is placed on innovative concepts regarding integration, packaging, bonding and cooling.


Research Focus

  • modeling and analysis
  • converter design and synthesis
  • measurement and evaluation
  • overall system simulation and design
  • electromagnetic compatibility
  • integration and packaging


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