PhD presentation in June 2021: Steffen Beushausen

Friday June 18, 2021

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4:00 p.m. [Time zone Berlin] Steffen Beushausen, M. Sc.
“A GaN-Based Switched-Mode Gate-Drive Unit for Medium-Voltage IGBTs“

By the year 2010, 21 % of the energy consumption in the European Union was in the electricity sector, with a rising projection of up to 28 % by the year 2050. This increasing demand of electric energy, combined with the increasing decentralized generation due to renewables, calls for innovative solutions in the power generation, distribution and transmission sectors.

With a bottom-up approach, this work introduces an advanced gate-drive circuit for medium-voltage IGBTs to increase the overall system-level performance of high-power power electronics. The proposed gate-drive unit optimizes the switching behavior of the IGBT during switching transients with a drive stage consisting of GaN-HEMTs in half-bridge configuration. An open-loop and a closed-loop control are used to verify the operation of the designed switched-mode gate-drive unit in a double pulse test bench.