5th E-Mobility Production Day 2017


October 11th, 2017

Electromobility is a central part of politics and society in the implementation of energy transition. Electrically driven vehicles as well as electrically powered two-wheelers contribute to the achievement of this vision. It can be assumed that electromobility is established on the market in the short to medium term and leaves its current status as a niche market. An economic and effective production of electromobiles is a prerequisite for the implementation of this vision. The 5th Electromobile Production Day brings together product and process managers from industry and research and illuminates the entire electromobile's value chain. In doing so, assessments are made regarding trends and solutions to current issues of electric motor production. The main focus of the electromobile production day is on four central pillars:

  • Potentials within the production of traction batteries
  • Competitive production of the components of electrical powertrain     
  • Production of commercial electric vehicles     
  • Successful launch of alternative vehicle concepts and business models     

We would like to invite you to exchange experiences and solutions for electromobile production with representatives from industry, research and politics at the 5th Electromobile Production Day.

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